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means of communication

When talking on the phone just isn’t enough.


today’s weather will be purple, with a little bit of ginger

Good morning everyone! Blueberry-banana-mango smoothie, what better way to start the day?! Hope you’ll have a lovely Thursday!


I feel like it’s time for a blog makeover.

I wanna write about food.

Making food , eating food,  loving food.

I guess cooking is my first real grown up hobby. So why not write about it?

No worries, just because I wanna write about food doesn’t mean Rootsie can’t be a part of this blog!

Try this fabulous polaroid maker!

far away friend

Skyping with my good friend Stephan from Germany is fun for several reasons. #1 is him taking pictures while we talk.

Video call snapshot 4Video call snapshot 6Video call snapshot 16Video call snapshot 18

dear diary

Morten and I have been at his parents’ summerhouse for the weekend. Root hates traveling so he stayed home and had Sanne coming over to give him food and keep him company. What we didn’t know was that Root keeps a diary. Here a little extract:


Dear diary, today I enjoyed lying in that woman’s lap. She gives me yummy food and cuddles with me. I’m rather fond of her so I decided to teach her some of my hunting skills. I hunt flies. Well, I showed her again and again but she didn’t seem to be a natural. So after several tries I gave up and just finished the job alone. She fed me some vitamin pills, at least she thought it was vitamin pills. They were in fact my favorite candy. I scored three!


Today, after a long tour of cuddling on the sofa, that woman brushed my fur. Now it’s even shinier than before. I love cosmetic treatments! We also played for a while. Then I got tired. I went to sleep. Kinda felt watched.


turn off the light, I’m trying to sleep here

Those of you who own a cat probably know the feeling of not knowing where the cat is. Whenever Root is ‘lost’, Morten and I check in the following locations:

1. Under the bed sheets

2. In the box on the top shelf

3. On a chair pushed under the table

4. Last but not least – the bathroom sink


Where does your cat hide?

thank you, Mr. Bell

As I’m living far away from home, even in another country, the only way to communicate with my parents is via telephone. Every once in a while my mom and I get to talk a bit longer that what’s known as ‘normal’. Today we put up a personal record – 2 hours and 2 minutes =)

How long do you usually talk on the phone? And what kind of funny things do you do on the side? 

IMG_3118I think I talked Root into a deep coma ;-)

nap time

Today has been a quiet day. Rootsie and I took an afternoon nap. Nice to have time for that!

Now we’re off to bed after coming home from yet another  cosy Tuesday Night Dinner.


six a day (DK) / five a day (US)

Me being a student of health and nutrition, I consider it my duty to tell you to eat your carrots and spinach!

No, seriously, isn’t fruit just the best invention ever?

Today, Morten came home with flowers =)


a cat’s playground

At least the incomplete closet is useful for something ;-)