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today’s weather will be purple, with a little bit of ginger

Good morning everyone! Blueberry-banana-mango smoothie, what better way to start the day?! Hope you’ll have a lovely Thursday!

give me some space

After getting the new closet about three weeks ago, I finally managed to reorganize our clothes. I love all that extra space! Can you imagine that we used to have all our clothes in those small dressers?



thank you, Mr. Bell

As I’m living far away from home, even in another country, the only way to communicate with my parents is via telephone. Every once in a while my mom and I get to talk a bit longer that what’s known as ‘normal’. Today we put up a personal record – 2 hours and 2 minutes =)

How long do you usually talk on the phone? And what kind of funny things do you do on the side? 

IMG_3118I think I talked Root into a deep coma ;-)

from cram to glam

The other day when we went to Ikea to buy a closet we also got a storage system for the attic. Today we finally put it up. The effect of the shelves is amazing. Organizing everything felt like a very grown up thing to do :-)


another herbal update

Anyone with a dark apartment and the wish to grow herbs in it, let me tell you: freezer bags are the best ever!

The only thing keeping me worried is thyme. Every single time I tried growing it, it would come out as the very first and die just as quickly. It’s barely holding up this time but with a daily portion of love and a nice talk every now and then its chances of survival are still there.

And in case you’re wondering, it’s basil that grows like crazy.


a girl’s dream come true

Today is ‘Susi’-day. We’re going to Ikea to get a closet for our bedroom. I’ve been looking forward to this day for so long! I will post pictures of our adventurous trip as soon as we get back!

Update: Well, my dream turned into a nightmare. Being at the warehouse at 9 o’clock in the morning to avoid a big crowd doesn’t really work if the big crowd has the exact same idea. The next let down was awaiting us in the ‘stuff-pick-up’-area. Wouldn’t it just be awesome if all the things you needed were actually available? Well, luck wasn’t on our side – as we should find out once again an hour later while waiting for the delivery guy. Half of our things were missing. That half being the half  that makes my closet complete… ARGH… 


herbal update

So far it seems to work – my plants are growing. I guess the idea with the freezer bags wasn’t too bad =)

 I’m starting to dream of pasta meat sauce with the fine taste of basil, a summer drink decorated with lemon balm and a green salad topped with parsley and chives.

Mmmh yummy :-)


herbal remedy

For the third time within a year I’m trying to start my own little herbal garden. So far it didn’t seem like I have a green thumb, but this time I was super prepared. Preparation = the remedy for my herbs? I hope so! I will keep you posted!


wrinkles that i don’t wanna do anything about

Ironing – is it a coincidence that the word is almost identical to the word irony? I mean, isn’t it ironic that the bed sheets you just had ironed are all wrinkled after sleeping in them one single night? Do you also know people that iron everything from dish towels to socks? I just don’t seem to get the whole point of spending hours on something that is ruined after so short time. Ironically – I do  own the latest model of Phillips irons.

irontreeTaking a picture of the iron I discovered this beautiful tree right in front of my window.