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flying kitten

Nothing is as joyful as getting mail. Last week I was lucky enough to experience  such a joyous moment =) Sam from matou en peluche who makes the most perfect drawings (check out her etsy store!!!) send me a package containing our very own copy of the flying kitten! When I first got introduced to Sam’s lovely art and her passion for cats, I secretly hoped that she would do a drawing of a cat that is a Root-look-alike… Guess what, I really didn’t have to wait too long =) Morten particularly fell for the cat’s smirk. Thank you Sam for such a lovely piece of art!!!



It’s finally weekend!

So many good things are happening today/tomorrow:

1. Brinja is coming home from a 20 days vacation. I’ve missed her sooo much and I’m so looking forward to long hours of talking and laughing!


2. Harry Potter is in the movies and we’re gonna see it tonight! I love, love, LOVE Harry Potter, the books as well as the movies. For the past weeks whenever there was the trailer showing on tv I would switch to another channel, because I didn’t want to see anything before I actually see it in the movies. I get goosebumps just thinking of tonight =) Obsessed? YES!


3. Morten and I have been togthether for 2½ years. 2½ amazing years! I love, love, LOVE Morten (a teensy bit more than Harry). We’re gonna go out and have burgers =) At Hard Rock Café! Is there a more romantic way to celebrate your day than with burgers?

Morten and Susi

4. Tomorrow is Sunday which means I can finally do my post about our dinner plan! I’m dying to show you all the delicious things we’ve had for dinner this week!

5. I got tagged by fabulous Sam and lovely Gabbi. The bloglandbond is getting stronger day by day! Thank you guys for sharing precious moments of your life with me, and that goes to everyone out there. Who ever created blogging gets a virtual hug from me right NOW!


real life – or is it?

Two days ago The Sims 3 got released in Denmark. I’ve been waiting for this day for so long. I already own the two previous versions of the game and I ensure you, there’s many hours of fun in that game. (Guys totally disagree there – they simply don’t get the point of the game… But seriously, it’s playing dress up, building your dream castle and playing family in one game! It’s like a kinder surprise!)

My virtual life


sad world

Due to the tragic outcome of American Idol (Kris Allen won) I am unable to wordpress today. The symbolic change of the blog’s appearance seemed appropriate. 


adam lambert for idol

Tonight’s the night!

I told you I was a fan of the show from the very beginning but never have I been this excited about the outcome. It’s down to Kris Allen and Adam Lambert. Both fantastic singers/musicians. The “/” really makes Kris special. I adore him for his talent on the guitar and the piano. He’s a real musician. Both instruments helped him to make his special renditions even more special. I mean did you see last’s week performance “Heartless“? It was awesome!

But then again he’s competing against ADAM – my all time favorite. He does not play any instruments (as far as I know) but rocks everybody’s world anyway. I mean he has so much showmanship, it’s unbelievable. Him singing Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire” or any other song for that matter, still leaves me with goose bumps and plain speechlessness.

But I really do think that tonight’s a real head to head race. One performance by Kris like last week’s and all hearts will just melt away and he might just become the American Idol 2009. And this is where I’m asking you Americans for a favor. I myself (sitting here in Denmark) can’t do anything about the results. But you guys can!!! So if you share my passion for Adam Lambert then pay the standard text messaging fee (I love Ryan) and give Adam your vote!


adam lambert or the guy with the tongue

Since day 1 I have been a big big fan of the TV show American Idol. I don’t know what it is but I guess the show just has everything I look for in a reality show – a cute host, a mean judge, a drunken judge (that reminds me of the stereotypic embarrassing aunt at family parties) and lots of good music.

This season I’m totally rooting for Adam Lambert. I love the fact that he’s so different from all the other contestants that have ever been on this show. He takes risks and appreciates the musicians. He’s plain awesome. And it just so happens that he also has a signature move which is very charming as well. To hit the high notes (that he btw always hits) he apparently has to stick out his tongue (see picture).

To those of you who also watch the show Randy Jackson is no stranger. He makes us laugh by saying things like “Dude, for me for you that wasn’t the right song choice”, “Your pitch was all over the place” and “We’ve got a hot one tonight!”


Note by Morten: “Adam, your tongue was all over the place!”