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give me some space

After getting the new closet about three weeks ago, I finally managed to reorganize our clothes. I love all that extra space! Can you imagine that we used to have all our clothes in those small dressers?



a cat’s playground

At least the incomplete closet is useful for something ;-)


a girl’s dream come true

Today is ‘Susi’-day. We’re going to Ikea to get a closet for our bedroom. I’ve been looking forward to this day for so long! I will post pictures of our adventurous trip as soon as we get back!

Update: Well, my dream turned into a nightmare. Being at the warehouse at 9 o’clock in the morning to avoid a big crowd doesn’t really work if the big crowd has the exact same idea. The next let down was awaiting us in the ‘stuff-pick-up’-area. Wouldn’t it just be awesome if all the things you needed were actually available? Well, luck wasn’t on our side – as we should find out once again an hour later while waiting for the delivery guy. Half of our things were missing. That half being the half  that makes my closet complete… ARGH…