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first encounter: blender

For breakfast I made myself a raspberry-banana smoothie and I must say, I’ve never had a creamier smoothie than today.

Test #1: Blender

Step one: Add your favorite fruit and some milk!

Step two: Let the magic happen!

Step three: Take picture of silly cat and enjoy yummy smoothie!

Blender test: passed with flying colors!

today’s weather will be purple, with a little bit of ginger

Good morning everyone! Blueberry-banana-mango smoothie, what better way to start the day?! Hope you’ll have a lovely Thursday!

a smoothie a day

Happy New Year to everyone! I hope that 2010 brings lots of health and happiness your way! We’re trying to get a piece of health and happiness by having a smoothie a day. We got this inspiring smoothie book for christmas which includes some amazing fruit and vegetable smoothie recipes.

I find myself full of new year’s resolutions. Some of them silly, some of them of more serious nature.  The one most important to me is keeping up that healthier lifestyle. For several months (well 2) we were trying to eat heathy food and work out regularly. I  know this resolution’s a bit worn out, but hey, working on a healthy body is probably the best gift one can give oneself, isn’t it?