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all around the world

During our trip to Germany, there was one day where my parents both were off from work, so we decided to do something all together. My dad was in charge of coming up with something. He chose to show us the world – in miniature :-)

IMG_3293Our trip started in London, …

IMG_3290… continued in Rome, …

IMG_3292…. and brought us to Moscow.

IMG_3291But why stop in Europe, when the rest of the world is just a stone’s throw away? We would go to China, …

IMG_3255… visit Sam in Australia, …

IMG_3294… and end our tour in America.

IMG_3270skalAfter all that globetrotting, we decided to travel the kids play area =) Both Morten and my dad have way more advanced sliding technique than I do.

theeggAfter the slide dad and I tried ‘The Egg’, a little cabin that makes loops as you wish. Man, what fun we had!

IMG_3271We would make a stop at the couple swing as well. Mom loves it, can you tell?

IMG_3258The most fun I had in a long time, was when dad and I went on this ride. That monster here circles around while you can do funny things with the steering wheel so your little wagon would shoot through the water. Awesome!

IMG_3301When we were done with the park and about to get back to the car, guess who I met? And it wasn’t even a miniature. Lucky me =)

I enjoyed that family day so much, and while looking at all the fun miniatures, I couldn’t help but constantly thinking of my dear friend Brinja, who has this amazing miniature model of her own apartment.

the men in my life

As long as I remember I found men easier to deal with than women. Clearly not in every situation ;-) Maybe it’s just me being lucky to have found four men, that make my life wonderful. You’ve met Morten and Root. In the bottom row to the left you can see my best friend Stephan. We’ve been friends for almost 10 years. Here you can see him on the City Hall Square in Copenhagen. To the right my dad is showing off his non-existing flag football skills.


we are family

Hey everyone! Hej alle sammen! Hallo ihr da draussen!

Just wanted to share the joy of me being a member of the ever growing blog family.

At the same time I wanted to use the opportunity to introduce you to my little – not so much growing – family.

Meet me – Susi, 23


Morten, 29 – my loving boyfriend of over 2 years

Root, 4 – most adorable cat of all time