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flying kitten

Nothing is as joyful as getting mail. Last week I was lucky enough to experience  such a joyous moment =) Sam from matou en peluche who makes the most perfect drawings (check out her etsy store!!!) send me a package containing our very own copy of the flying kitten! When I first got introduced to Sam’s lovely art and her passion for cats, I secretly hoped that she would do a drawing of a cat that is a Root-look-alike… Guess what, I really didn’t have to wait too long =) Morten particularly fell for the cat’s smirk. Thank you Sam for such a lovely piece of art!!!


dear diary

Morten and I have been at his parents’ summerhouse for the weekend. Root hates traveling so he stayed home and had Sanne coming over to give him food and keep him company. What we didn’t know was that Root keeps a diary. Here a little extract:


Dear diary, today I enjoyed lying in that woman’s lap. She gives me yummy food and cuddles with me. I’m rather fond of her so I decided to teach her some of my hunting skills. I hunt flies. Well, I showed her again and again but she didn’t seem to be a natural. So after several tries I gave up and just finished the job alone. She fed me some vitamin pills, at least she thought it was vitamin pills. They were in fact my favorite candy. I scored three!


Today, after a long tour of cuddling on the sofa, that woman brushed my fur. Now it’s even shinier than before. I love cosmetic treatments! We also played for a while. Then I got tired. I went to sleep. Kinda felt watched.


the men in my life

As long as I remember I found men easier to deal with than women. Clearly not in every situation ;-) Maybe it’s just me being lucky to have found four men, that make my life wonderful. You’ve met Morten and Root. In the bottom row to the left you can see my best friend Stephan. We’ve been friends for almost 10 years. Here you can see him on the City Hall Square in Copenhagen. To the right my dad is showing off his non-existing flag football skills.


we are family

Hey everyone! Hej alle sammen! Hallo ihr da draussen!

Just wanted to share the joy of me being a member of the ever growing blog family.

At the same time I wanted to use the opportunity to introduce you to my little – not so much growing – family.

Meet me – Susi, 23


Morten, 29 – my loving boyfriend of over 2 years

Root, 4 – most adorable cat of all time