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turn off the light, I’m trying to sleep here

Those of you who own a cat probably know the feeling of not knowing where the cat is. Whenever Root is ‘lost’, Morten and I check in the following locations:

1. Under the bed sheets

2. In the box on the top shelf

3. On a chair pushed under the table

4. Last but not least – the bathroom sink


Where does your cat hide?

we are family

Hey everyone! Hej alle sammen! Hallo ihr da draussen!

Just wanted to share the joy of me being a member of the ever growing blog family.

At the same time I wanted to use the opportunity to introduce you to my little – not so much growing – family.

Meet me – Susi, 23


Morten, 29 – my loving boyfriend of over 2 years

Root, 4 – most adorable cat of all time