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party tent

Tonight we’re having a party. My parents both turned 50. I will post more pictures of our trip to Germany tomorrow/Monday.


copenhagen – thesenvitz

Whenever I go back to Germany to visit my family, it involves quite a trip. Going to my parents’ place means taking the train from Copenhagen to Malmö, then the bus to Trelleborg. From there we’re only a 4-hour ferry ride away from Sassnitz, where we get picked up by a car that brings us to Thesenvitz. Doesn’t that sound like a blast?

Here are some pictures from today’s trip:


another herbal update

Anyone with a dark apartment and the wish to grow herbs in it, let me tell you: freezer bags are the best ever!

The only thing keeping me worried is thyme. Every single time I tried growing it, it would come out as the very first and die just as quickly. It’s barely holding up this time but with a daily portion of love and a nice talk every now and then its chances of survival are still there.

And in case you’re wondering, it’s basil that grows like crazy.


nap time

Today has been a quiet day. Rootsie and I took an afternoon nap. Nice to have time for that!

Now we’re off to bed after coming home from yet another  cosy Tuesday Night Dinner.


six a day (DK) / five a day (US)

Me being a student of health and nutrition, I consider it my duty to tell you to eat your carrots and spinach!

No, seriously, isn’t fruit just the best invention ever?

Today, Morten came home with flowers =)


copenhagen marathon 2009

Today we went down to see the Copenhagen Marathon. How inspiring! I actually had to wipe away some tears. I mean, those runners are just incredible .

42.195 km – can you imagine to run that distance?

In my dreams, I can. Maybe some day my dreams will come true… 

Here some pictures from today – the first one showing the winner of this year’s marathon, here at the 39 km point. Followed by two pictures I took on Langelinie, the first one showing the new theater in the background. And finally, the four of us (Anders, Brinja, Morten and myself) toasting the runners with hot cocoa.



a cat’s playground

At least the incomplete closet is useful for something ;-)


a girl’s dream come true

Today is ‘Susi’-day. We’re going to Ikea to get a closet for our bedroom. I’ve been looking forward to this day for so long! I will post pictures of our adventurous trip as soon as we get back!

Update: Well, my dream turned into a nightmare. Being at the warehouse at 9 o’clock in the morning to avoid a big crowd doesn’t really work if the big crowd has the exact same idea. The next let down was awaiting us in the ‘stuff-pick-up’-area. Wouldn’t it just be awesome if all the things you needed were actually available? Well, luck wasn’t on our side – as we should find out once again an hour later while waiting for the delivery guy. Half of our things were missing. That half being the half  that makes my closet complete… ARGH… 


project runway

Deep inside of me there’s a runner – hiding, waiting to be let free. I stopped counting the times I started a running program, thinking ‘this time it’s for real’. So I thought it’s time to wipe the slate clean. I’m gonna start all over again. I will forget about the endless times were it ended in disappointment. 

Today is day ONE of project runway.

Say hi to my adidas running shoes that have carried me 100 3.6 km.

running shoes

sad world

Due to the tragic outcome of American Idol (Kris Allen won) I am unable to wordpress today. The symbolic change of the blog’s appearance seemed appropriate.