bachelorette party

Morten’s cousin Sanne is getting married in August. So yesterday we went out and celebrated her bachelorette party! It was a perfect day! It started with a picnic in Classenshave, then we would send Sanne to a photo studio, where she would get her photo taken (you know what kind of photo!). After that we had someone teach us belly dancing (Sanne’s future husband is turkish, so she might need some tricks) and then we had the nicest three course dinner ever. The night ended in a gay dance club – kind of a weird experience =)

IMG_3457The beautiful bride to be in her amazing belly dance costume.

IMG_3452Not the dinner we got at the restaurant but still so delicious. Salmon with garlic, potatoes, and vegetables, all oven baked.

5 responses to this post.

  1. Congratulations to Morten’s cousin! Looks like a great weekend and that salmon looks delicious… especially the grilled veggies. Yum!♥


  2. Is that meal another of yours Susann? It looks divine! What a pretty thing Morten’s cousin is – many happy returns to her!


    • Yes, it is one of my little creations =)
      And Sanne looked so gorgeous in that costume. She’s a natural belly dancer!


  3. What a gorgeous belly dancing costume! And what a fun idea! -e


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