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adam lambert or the guy with the tongue

Since day 1 I have been a big big fan of the TV show American Idol. I don’t know what it is but I guess the show just has everything I look for in a reality show – a cute host, a mean judge, a drunken judge (that reminds me of the stereotypic embarrassing aunt at family parties) and lots of good music.

This season I’m totally rooting for Adam Lambert. I love the fact that he’s so different from all the other contestants that have ever been on this show. He takes risks and appreciates the musicians. He’s plain awesome. And it just so happens that he also has a signature move which is very charming as well. To hit the high notes (that he btw always hits) he apparently has to stick out his tongue (see picture).

To those of you who also watch the show Randy Jackson is no stranger. He makes us laugh by saying things like “Dude, for me for you that wasn’t the right song choice”, “Your pitch was all over the place” and “We’ve got a hot one tonight!”


Note by Morten: “Adam, your tongue was all over the place!”