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sad world

Due to the tragic outcome of American Idol (Kris Allen won) I am unable to wordpress today. The symbolic change of the blog’s appearance seemed appropriate. 


adam lambert for idol

Tonight’s the night!

I told you I was a fan of the show from the very beginning but never have I been this excited about the outcome. It’s down to Kris Allen and Adam Lambert. Both fantastic singers/musicians. The “/” really makes Kris special. I adore him for his talent on the guitar and the piano. He’s a real musician. Both instruments helped him to make his special renditions even more special. I mean did you see last’s week performance “Heartless“? It was awesome!

But then again he’s competing against ADAM – my all time favorite. He does not play any instruments (as far as I know) but rocks everybody’s world anyway. I mean he has so much showmanship, it’s unbelievable. Him singing Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire” or any other song for that matter, still leaves me with goose bumps and plain speechlessness.

But I really do think that tonight’s a real head to head race. One performance by Kris like last week’s and all hearts will just melt away and he might just become the American Idol 2009. And this is where I’m asking you Americans for a favor. I myself (sitting here in Denmark) can’t do anything about the results. But you guys can!!! So if you share my passion for Adam Lambert then pay the standard text messaging fee (I love Ryan) and give Adam your vote!