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herbal update #5

The day has finally come: I can use my herbs for cooking!

Last night’s dinner was onion bulgur-otto with baked bell pepper and parmesan fried turkey breast. Delish!

IMG_3422The ingredients – the thyme didn’t grow as much as e.g. basil but let me tell you it smelled amazing!

IMG_3425I love the name bulgur-otto! Risotto, only made with bulgur :-)

IMG_3431And then at night, we would go to bed to this scenery.


back home

I just got back from a nice long weekend in Germany! Sunshine, lots of food, quality time with dear friends and family and a ride on my scooter… Hope you also enjoyed your weekend!

IMG_2892Lovely sunset

IMG_2998brunch with lots of fruit

IMG_2812Stephan and Morten

IMG_3015Mini and I

IMG_2787Me and my brothers (Felix, 20 and Frank, 26)

IMG_3013Morten and I on my scooter