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first encounter: blender

For breakfast I made myself a raspberry-banana smoothie and I must say, I’ve never had a creamier smoothie than today.

Test #1: Blender

Step one: Add your favorite fruit and some milk!

Step two: Let the magic happen!

Step three: Take picture of silly cat and enjoy yummy smoothie!

Blender test: passed with flying colors!

philips food processor

I’ve wanted one for a long time, now I finally got one: my very own food processor. I  had my eyes on the Philips food processor from the aluminum collection for almost a year. This weekend foodie (as I gently called him – yes, it’s a boy!) finally made it into our lovely home. I’m excited to try the unlimited features.

Isn’t he beautiful?

The many features sound promising.

There will be lots of tests coming up. Gotta try the blender, the chopping accessories, the juicer and the kneading feature. I’m very excited!!!

saturday morning

I love Saturday mornings. You basically get up whenever you want and there’s still time for a nice breakfast. On the menu this morning was pumpkin seed bread and homemade juice. We own this awesome Philips juice extractor that creates the best juices ever. Every time it tastes different, and the taste also differs from glass to glass. It’s very adventurous =) And for those who ask themselves – no, i did not get paid for this commercial ;-)

My healthy list of ingredients


Yummiest vitamin bomb ever


Root joined us for breakfast – he always does when there’s hope to get a bite of that yummy turkey breast