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how i got my name

Susann Romy – not the most common name. A blog entry on Gabbi’s weblog inspired me to do a post about how I got my name.

When my mom was pregnant with me  she would be staying at my grandmothers place in Eilenburg for the last 4 weeks of the pregnancy.  My big brother frank, by that time he was three, was staying with them, since my dad was in the army and couldn’t look after him. When my mom was in labor my brother and my grandmother would be waiting at home by the telephone. Every now and then my grandmother would give the hospital a call to hear if I had been born yet. At some point the nurse would say, ‘if you stay by the phone now, you can witness the childbirth’! Of course they wouldn’t miss that show for a thing ;-) My parents agreed on the name Romy, calling me after the famous actress Romy Schneider. My brother however had another plan. When I finally got born he would take the phone and say, ‘my little Susann has been born’! Back then he had a big crush on his friend Susann and liked the name so much that my parents decided to name me Susann Romy instead. Up until I was 19, I would never use my middle name. But when living in America I found out that everyone had a middle name, so I got the dust off of mine and started using my full name. Now I really like the sound of the name Susann Romy!

I would die for the stories behind your names! So if there’s one, be so nice and share it with me!

sissi08Romy Schneider, here in the role of Sissi, the Austrian Empress