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time out

Even though the deadline for my paper is getting closer by the minute, I still find myself avoiding it. Around noon I took a time out in Classens have. For an hour I thought about nothing else but the sun warming my tummy. But no worries, I’m about to be done with my paper – I’m only missing the conclusion. Now I’m off to a class that’s called BodyCombat at fitnessdk



As long as I can remember I’ve been very good at pushing things I don’t wanna do as far away as possible until they can’t be avoided any longer. I find myself in such a situation right now. For about 8 weeks I’ve known that my paper on obesity has to be handed in by Monday, 12 p.m. Guess when I started dealing with this?! Right, about an hour ago. Back in high school I always did best on last minute presentations/papers. Let’s hope that that hasn’t changed.

IMG_3104P.s.: Last time I was feeling down Morten left me this note ‘You are an awesome girl’ on my desk.