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seven things

Lina tagged me to list seven interesting things about me. Whether or not they’re interesting that’s up to you to decide, but here they are:

1. If I ever should get asked what I couldn’t live without I would love to answer ‘Morten’ but it would have to be ‘my glasses’. They’re the first thing I reach out for in the morning. When going for a swim it’s hard to make out my company from all the other people around.

2. I’m currently obsessed with pugs. I would LOVE to have one. It’s like I’m bewitched. Whenever I see a pug my heart makes summersaults and I have a big smile on my face immediatly. There’s something about those little crinkled faces and the sounds they make when breathing or being exciting.  I ♥ pugs!

3. I have a cousin that’s the exact same age as me. Whenever we visited my aunt’s, Florian and I would be unseparable. We would build a huge tent in his room with all the blankets available in the house. And then we would take his stuffed animals, open them up and ‘heal them’. You must know, we were vets ;-) For a very long time our dream was to open up a clinic together and save little dogs and cats =)

4. When Morten and I first got together he would live in Copenhagen, DK whereas I would still be living with my family in Germany. We would see each other every two or three weeks, unbearably long intervals. Morten, who is a bit of a geek, would set up a countdown on the internet. It had a picture of us taken on New Year’s Eve in the background and it would show how many days, hours, minutes and seconds were left until we would see each other again.

5. I just joined Denmark’s first and only all-girls-flag-football team. I got introduced to the sport through Morten and his friends. Morten is a huge NFL fan which means I spend my winters watching a ball that’s not even round being chased by 22 huge (read hot) guys for hours. I’m really excited on being on the team and hope for a successful 2nd half of the season. Go FOXES!!!

6. In 2005/2006 I was in America working as an au pair for the most adorable Jewish family ever. I would take care of 14 year old twins Samantha and Emily and Zachary, age 10. Not a day goes by without thinking of my time over there and missing the kids like crazy. (That whole experience definitely deserves a blog post at some point!)

7. In 16 days we will be going to New York! It’s gonna be the fourth time for me, Morten’s second. Last time we also went together, being there for 3 days with a group of NFL fans from Denmark, seeing the Jets vs. Steelers. This time we have incredibly 8 days to spend in the Big Apple (of course, we’ll also watch a game this time!). We’ll be staying very close to Central Park. I recently bought a Lonely Planet to prepare myself for the trip. Whenever visting a big city, we just love to stroll around and experience the different neighbourhoods, their unique smells, buildings, atmospheres and people. Can’t wait!

I’ll tag everyone who feels like sharing 7 things about themselves!

Happy Thursday everyone!


Today I finally got my new glasses =)

I love how everything gets so much clearer every time I get a new pair.

My boyfriend, for example, is quite a catch ;-)

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