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Today is my birthday =)

My activities today:

1. being together with my fantastic boyfriend

2. playing flagfootball

3. cooking a brazilian fish stew

4. skyping with my family in Germany

The coolest fact about my birthday is that it’s also my dad’s birthday. He was born in ’58 and I was born in ’85. How cool??? We’re gonna meet online later to unwrap each other’s gifts. Thank god for the internet ;-)

leoMy date for tonight. Sorry, Morten, didn’t mean to tell you through this media ;-)

football cupcakes

How about we’ll all just pretend that I haven’t just been gone for over a month? ;-)

School has started again and so far I’ve kept my this-time-I’m-gonna-be-a-good-student-promise. Did all my reading. wrote my reports, attended classes!

Some of you might remember me joining the flagfootball team. I love being part of the team! And I love the sport even more. I used to play volleyball but never really reached the level of ‘goodness’. I was a very average player. Flagfootball on the other hand seems to bring out my hidden talents. Seems like I’m not that shabby ;-)

We’ve been trying to spread the word about how awesome flagfootball is. So tomorrow we’ll host a Rookie Day and hope that a lot of girls come and get hooked. Also, it’s our QB’s birthday. So I’m baking cupcakes, that hopefully end up looking like these:


Pictures found via google.