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i did it

Just went up to my oral exam – I passed =)

Now I’m on a 9 week summer break.

How awesome is that?

And not only did I do good in school, I apparently also do good here in blogland. Sam gave me this wonderful award:

6a00e554e97d5c8834011570490617970cThank you Sam!

østerbro’s next top cat

Our local pet shop has this monthly competition. You send in pictures of your pet and the cutest gets awarded with a title and a prize – Root, of course, hopes for lots of cat candy!

Well, I was hoping for your help. I took a number of pictures and I would like you to decide which one to send in! If you could leave a comment with naming both row and column of your favorite picture, and maybe also why you like this specific picture, root and me would get very happy!