the return to blogland

We’ve been back from Germany since Tuesday night. And now I’m finally ready to blog again. Looking through the pictures we took, I realized that I have a million things I wanna share with you. So for the upcoming days get ready for a couple of ‘Urlaubseindrücke’ – impressions of our vacation =)

I wanna start with one thing that makes me all warm and fuzzy – the relationship between Morten and my dad.

The thing is, Morten doesn’t speak German too well, and my dad isn’t an English-pro either. So seeing them interacting is just heartwarming =) Sign language, Spanish (my dad speaks it and loves giving orders in Spanish), broken German and English and big smiles is what makes them understand each other.

IMG_3242Dad is very interested in everything he doesn’t have a clue about. Morten, being a big American Football fan, is showing dad how to hold and throw the ball.

MortengardenDad is crazy about his garden. Here he just introduced Morten to the secrets of watering plants. A big honor. I think Morten is born to be the perfect gardener!

IMG_3247Dad loves fooling around. Especially with his ‘Danish friend’.

IMG_3298Last but not least, Morten and dad visiting the stock exchange in Copenhagen. But that trip is a whole different post!

It’s good to be back to blogland! We’ll be reading each other ;-)

2 responses to this post.

  1. Your dad and boyfriend are quite adorable! I love the sharing of hobbies… I’m wondering about the secrets to watering plants also. Maybe that’s why only about 75% of what I plant survives? :)


  2. SWEEET! That is one of the best posts I’ve in a good while – so sweet – thank you Susann Romy – very nice indeed! *Big smiles* from me now!


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