wind, water, sunshine and lots of fun

What a nice trip! Everything went well and we had the greatest fun ever!

IMG_3158We’re all packed up and ready to go. Please notice that it’s my bike with our luggage… A decision I might regret later on…

IMG_3161All happy, about 5 km into our trip.

IMG_3163Eeeaaagle (Morten has watched too many episode of Scrubs)

IMG_3169I liked the fact that Sweden has this many bike paths. We were really lucky with the route Google maps suggested.

IMG_3175After 20 km we had a little stop near the water. We were surrounded by swans and lady bugs. Really cosy!

IMG_3176Homemade sandwiches with tunasalad. YUM!

IMG_3178My man =)

IMG_3190First glimpse of Rügen – the chalk cliffs on the north-eastern coast.

IMG_3199Biking in Germany was somehow a lot harder. Lots of hills but also really nice bike paths through the woods.

IMG_3200Almost there: the houses on the right belong to the little village my parents live in.

IMG_3202After having biked 55 km we enjoyed a nice dinner in Ralswiek (a place I will tell you more about in a couple of days) together with my little brother, Felix, and my mom.

Today is a day of planning. There’s so many things to do and so little time… I will keep you posted!

12 responses to this post.

  1. wooooowwww!!!
    susi du bist klasse!! hätte nie gedacht(und der craigmaster sicherlich auch nicht),dass du mal so nen bike trip auf dich nehmen würdest!respekt! wessen idee war es??
    die landschaft ist echt genial!manchmal vergisst man wirklich wie schön es doch eigentlich (fast) vor der eigenen Haustür ist!Ich glaub ich muss auch mal mein Fahrrad entstauben…dann kann ich ja mal am Flussbett von der Müritz lang fahren ;)


    • War Morten’s Idee! War mal eine seiner guten =) Bin auch sehr stolz =) Morgen wollen wir ‘ne 60km bike tour machen *freu*
      Flussbettradtour kann ich dir echt nur empfehlen! Besonders da an dem Ende, wo dann nachher der Wasserfall kommt ;-) Love ya!


  2. Looks like such fun! Wonderful post… thank you so much for sharing. :)


  3. I’m sitting here with a big smile om my face:) Looks like a great trip!
    Beautiful weather huh?

    I have missed you while you where gone it’s good to have you back!


    • Best weather ever! Slightly windy, but lots of sunshine! Sorry Brinja, but you have to miss us a little longer, ’cause we will first be back Tuesday evening.


  4. Oh Susann! That is my idea of heaven! Seriously! I’m fainting with delight over your pretty, pretty photos! The weather looks glorious too – ooooh! I bet you had the best time!


    • Thank you so much for your lovely comment! That trip definitely made us ‘hungry’ for more bike trips. I like the kind of exhaustion you feel by the end of the day. We just get the best good night sleeps atm.


  5. :) I knew that! I just got all confused about the dates there… See you soon then!


  6. oh! what fun you guys had!


  7. hi hi.
    will you send me your address for my gift giveaway?
    you can send it to:


  8. great idea with a bike-trip – i like picture number two from the top


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