Tomorrow, it’s my 1 month anniversary here in the blog world – a very exciting event. So far I can only say that  I love it. I got insight in other peoples lives and talents which inspired me in a way. I’m not the most creative person but the fact that I have my camera with me every day and get to take pictures of my life makes me really happy. Blogging makes you look out for the small treasures in life. 

Lina, whose blog always plays the most adorable music, tagged me to write about things I like about summer time. Being tagged kinda makes me feel special, I love those little games here in the blog world. It makes us get to know each other even better =)

5 things I’ll enjoy this summer

1. Classens Have

31257We’re so lucky to live in a big city as well as to wake up to birds singing every morning. Our apartment complex frames one of the green parks here in Copenhagen. I’m looking forward to lying on a blanket, reading a good book next to Morten and enjoying the sun in Classens Have.

2. Rügen

ruegen-panorama-kalender-2008-081200px-Rügen_Panorama800px-Insel_Rügen-Strand_von_Sellinb60afb87a8I’m looking forward to visiting Rügen, Germany’s biggest (and most beautiful) island. This is where I grew up, this is where my parents and my bestest friend Stephan live, this is where there’s so many undiscovered things waiting for me. Do you know the feeling of tourists knowing your home town/place better than you? This summer I will return as a tourist and try out all the things that back then seemed too ‘touristy’. I’m excited!

3. Friends

IMG_2874IMG_2665IMG_309317-01-09-002skac3a6Being with my friends is going to be the biggest treat this summer. Coming to a new country, I found it difficult to find new friends. After one and a half year of living in Denmark I can proudly announce that I found the greatest friends ever: Stephan (okay that was cheating, he’s been my friend forever, and he’s from Germany, I know, I know), Morten, my true love, Kristian, the most talented athlete and referee ever, and last but not least, beautiful Brinja, a girl that truly gets me. 

4. BBQ’ing


Meet Gregory Grill, our lovely Weber grill. He’s already brought hours of joy and tons of good food to us, and I’m positive that this year he will once again combine point 1 (Classens Have) and point 3 (friends) and make this summer really special.

5. My summer job at Brinja KBH

img_1941skalimg_0603skalI’ve been a proud member of the Brinja KBH family for over two months already and I’m so happy to send its lovely owners, Brinja and Anders, on a well-deserved trip through Europe while I’m taking care of the shop. 

Wow, that post really made my longing after summer grow even bigger. Fortunately, it’s only two ore weeks until I’m done with my exams :-)

I’m really eager to see why you can’t wait for the summer to begin! I’m tagging Brinja, Sam, Lea, Gabbi, Nicole  and Natascha!



17 responses to this post.

  1. Susi thank you so muck for the tag and your sweet sweet words -I’m so proud and lucky to be your friend:)


  2. Posted by Papa on June 9, 2009 at 10:16 am

    Sehr schön meine Tochter, ich bin stolz auf Dich !
    Und natürlich Morten, Dein großer ” Helfer “


  3. Posted by Morten on June 9, 2009 at 10:54 am

    I like summer and long blog posts on the beach


  4. Posted by mutsch on June 9, 2009 at 12:46 pm

    hallo meine liebe susi,es ist sehr schön zu lesen, wie glücklich du in deiner neuen heimat dänemark bist.du hast neue,gute freunde gefunden und einen schatz.ich bin stolz auf dich,wenn ich sehe wie du dein neues leben meisterst,aber manchmal auch traurig,weil du so weit weg bist.aber schluß damit,es gibt ja schiff,bus und bahn und wir sind in kopenhagen.hab dich lieb deine mom


  5. Posted by Stephan on June 9, 2009 at 5:03 pm

    We should all be so lucky to have a friend like you! ;)


  6. I love tags! Thank you Susann…

    Your summer sounds lovely. Especially your island and your friends.

    I sincerely hope to be able to visit Denmark and Germany one day!xo


  7. yay you did it! it looks great!
    thank you for your nice words about my blog music:D

    & those island photos are amazing!


  8. thanks for the tag susi! interesting to read about the five things you’ll enjoy this summer. wow rügen really looks beautiful! i would love to see it with my own eyes at some point.


  9. Good luck with your exams! This is such a beautiful post Susann! Those photos of your park and the seaside are just glorious! Thank you so much for tagging me too! I’ll do my piece on the weekend!!! :)


  10. […] is getting closer by the minute, I still find myself avoiding it. Around noon I took a time out in Classens have. For an hour I thought about nothing else than the sun warming my tummy. But no worries, I’m […]


  11. Oh ja, ich weiss wie schwierig es ist, in einem fremden Land Freunde zu finden. Mir ging/geht es ähnlich. Warum bist du in Dänemark? Hat dich das Studium dorthin gezogen? Ich weiß, ich bin neugierig ;)


    • Neugier ist die beste Gier ;-)
      Die Liebe hat mich hierher gezogen. Und sie ist noch immer sehr magnetisch =)
      Vielleicht sollte ich darüber mal schreiben! Ich freu mich, dass du zu mir gefunden hast!


  12. […] 24, 2009 In an earlier post I told you guys about how we would go on a vacation to Rügen, Germany. Well, our vacation starts […]


  13. […] went out and celebrated her bachelorette party! It was a perfect day! It started with a picnic in Classenshave, then we would send Sanne to a photo studio, where she would get her photo taken (you what kind of […]


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